..Right Chord
Penetration 2
Penetration 1
..Tepid Pool..
Everything I could lose
Desire to Fall
Where do birds go off to die
Obscenity v1
Obscenity v2
oh! the humanity
oh! the humanity 2
...till that morning
Taro Hattori, Beaut Brute
1951 series
Taro Hattori, Beaut Brute
cute beaut brute, etc.
Taro Hattori, Mobile Beaut Brute
mobile beaut brute
Taro Hattori, Beaut Brute II
beaut brute II
Taro Hattori, Beaut Brute
beaut brute
Taro Hattori, Packed, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco
spread your wings
Taro Hattori, Merry Go Round
Taro Hattori, Dubious Scales
dubious scales
Taro Hattori, Proof
Taro Hattori, Moving Walkway, Belt Conveyer
moving walkway
Taro Hattori, Nippletta, Male Nipples
Taro Hattori, re-fraction(s)
Taro Hattori, torus
Taro Hattori, eyeglasses
Taro Hattori, United Universal Systems
Taro Hattori, Turning Tales
turning tales
Taro Hattori, Japanese Males -Surrender
japanese males
Taro Hattori, islands
Taro Hattori, writing, Taro's Blog
Untitled Document



artMRKT, San Francisco
Solo Installation Project represented by Swarm Gallery, Oakland


Oakland City Hall, Oakland, CA
Installation as a part of “Art & Soul”
Swarm Gallery, Oakland, CA
“Taro Hattori" solo exhibition
The Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
"Lost & Found" group exhibition


West Collection, Philadelphia, PA
“West Prize 2010” group exhibition
Black Square Gallery, Miami, FL
“Where Do Birds Go Off to Die" solo exhibition
Pro Arts at Oakland Art Gallery, Oakland, CA
"Exinclusivity" solo exhibition as a part of "2x2 Solos"


McColl Center for Visual Art, Charlotte, NC
“AIR Winter 2010 Exhibition” residency exhibition
Dugg Dugg at NC Music Factory, Charlotte, NC
“1/1000 sq/ft” solo room installation in conjunction with a group exhibition
NEXT, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL
Swarm Gallery, invitational art exposition
San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, San Francisco, CA
“Now and When” solo room installation in conjunction with a group exhibition
Black Square Gallery, Miami, FL
“Dream Catcher Project” a group exhibition


Swarm Gallery, Oakland, CA
“V” solo exhibition
Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan
“Residency Project” solo exhibition
Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA
“Front + Center” group exhibition
NURTUREart, Brooklyn, NYC
“Interface : Nature” group exhibition
Mission 17, San Francisco, CA
“All Good Things” group exhibition


Galeria Sztuki Wspólczesnej, Poland
“3 way calling” three person exhibition
Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, LA
“The Great White” group exhibition
NEXT, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL
Swarm Gallery, invitational exhibition
LMAN Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
“Artists’ Choices” two-person exhibition


Swarm Gallery, Oakland, CA
“The Little Show” group exhibition
Space 47, San Jose, CA
“Apoptosis” solo exhibition
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
“Cultivating Creativity”
Western Gallery, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
“Fabric of Identity”
Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
“2007 Art Auction”
Judson Memorial, New York, NY
“Anarchist Book Fair”


Kearny Street Workshop, San Francisco, CA
“APAture 2006”, juried show for Asian American artists
The LAB, San Francisco, CA
“Some Assembly Required”, juried exhibition
Photo SF, San Francisco, CA
Steven Wolf Gallery, international art exposition
Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA
“Future Tense”, group show
Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan
“Artists’ Diary: The Chapter of Spring Light”, group show


Rocket World Gallery, San Francisco, CA
“Beaut Brute”, solo show
RPS Gallery, Oakland, CA
“Bubble Trouble in Doubles”, group show
Bound Together Bookstore, San Francisco, CA
“Packed”, public window display
SFMOMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco, CA
“Thirty Something”, group show organized by Kala Art Institute
Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside, CA
"2005 Open House”, open house event
Mission 17, San Francisco, CA
“The Diorama Show”, (invited) group show


Gen Art at Old Mint, San Francisco, CA
“Emerge 2004”, juried group show
Mission 17, San Francisco, CA
“Happy Pack”, collaborative solo show of Studio Islander
Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA
“The Big Picture.”, group show
Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA
“Close Calls: 2004”, juried group show


Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA
“Missing | Persons”, group show
Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA
“2002 Kala Fellowship Exhibition / Part 1”, group show


The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA
“Paradise in Search of a Future”, group show
Safety-Kleen Gallery One, Elgin, IL
Group show with other video installation artists


Asian American Arts Centre, New York, NY
“Mitochondria Emancipation”, juried group show
Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, IL
“Art/Tech, ABSOLUT vision6, art: the next generation”, group show
CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY
“Paradise in Search of a Future”, group show
Ssamzie Space, Seoul, South Korea
“The impossible”, group show
Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, IL
“IMMOBILITY”, one person show
Art Chicago 2001, Chicago IL
Peter Miller Gallery, international art exposition


Dupreau Gallery, Chicago, IL
Two person show
Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, IL
“Dissimulation”, group show
Asian American Arts Centre, New York, NY
“2 Far 2 Close”, juried group show
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL
M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition, group show


Chicago Cultural Center, IL
“Chicago’s Own”, group screening
Gallery 2, Chicago, IL
“Textuality”, group show



Mission 17, San Francisco, CA
“Amidst the Ruins –Val Britton, Michael Damm & Zchary Ryer Scholz”
Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA
“Interplay –David Kwan, Nora Pauwels, Bartosz Posacki & Steve Reich”


Mission 17, San Francisco, CA
“Blabbable Doodads –Eunjung Hwang & Miriam Dym”

2007 -current

The LAB, San Francisco, CA
Member of Curatorial Committee


RPS Gallery, Oakland, CA
“Bubble Trouble in Doubles”


Mission 17, San Francisco, CA
juror for “By Any Means Un/Necessary”
Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA
“The Big Picture”


Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA
“Missing | Persons”


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University of North Carolina in Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC
Sonoma State University, Visiting Artist Lecture Series, Rohnert Park, CA


UC Berkeley, “It's All About Image” a symposium , Berkeley, CA
California College of the Arts, "Artist Talk" an artist talk for interdisciplinary department, Oakland, CA Taipei National University of the Arts, “Artist Talk” Taipei, Taiwan
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California State University at East Bay, Hayward, CA


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Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA


Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL


Korea Society, New York, NY



Millay Colony, Austerlitz, NY, Artist-in-Residence Fellowship
Can Serrat, Barcelona, Spain, Artist-in-Residence Full Stipend Fellowship


West Prize 2010, Philadelphia, PA
Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT, Full-Fellowship Residency


Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI), Los Angeles, CA, Investing in Artists Grant


Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA, Artist-in-Residence Award
The Nomura Cultural Foundation, Tokyo, Japan, Art Project Grant


McColl Center for Visual Arts, Artist-in-Residence Award for 2009
Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan. Artist-in-Residence Fellowship


The 2005 Leah Middlebrook & Norio Sugano Fellowship, 2005


Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside, CA., Resident Artist for 2005
Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan, Fellowship Artist-in-Residence Award


Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, IL. Fiscal Partnership


Kala Art Institute, Kala Fellowship Artist-in-Residence Award


Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, IL. Represented Artist


INTERCOM, Gold Plaque Award in Student Narrative Section
Chicago Cultural Center, 2nd Place Award in Loop Student Screenings


2011 - present

Lecturer, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

2010 - present

Senior Lecturer, California College of the Arts, Oakland and San Francisco, CA



The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL
Master of Fine Arts, Time Arts/Video


Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan
Bachelor of Arts, Clinical Psychology

Taro Hattori

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Galleries and Collections

Swarm Gallery
560 Second Street
Oakland, CA 94607


Black Square Gallery
2248 NW 1st Place
Miami, FL 33127


West Collection
Lee Stoetzel, Director


Peter Miller Gallery
118 N Peoria St
Chicago, IL 60607



V (2008-2010)

Taro Hattori Catalog

Taro Hattori Recent Installation Works (2001-2007)

Taro Hattori Catalog

Artist Statement

My art practice is a way of measuring distances between myself and things that are unacceptable. I try to define myself by examining what I hate, what I feel uncomfortable with, and what I do not understand. Dealing with those "unacceptable" elements as significant constituents of my world, I try to integrate them with other "pleasurable" elements to render my world more coherent and balanced. This is my search for order, which is so often vulnerable to the power of chaos in our society. Just as a refrain or ritornello in music develops through the course of a composition and gives it unity, I use order as a regulatory framework to make my position visible in relation to that of my subject matter. In the search for order, my work functions like a machine. As Paul Klee's Twittering Machine illustrates the chirping of birds through the movement of an off-centered shaft, my work reveals a sort of "mechanical" undercurrent of factors in my private and public life. This hidden undercurrent shows how the viewers and I play our roles in the condition of our contemporary life.

Taro Hattori

Studying a Study

October 29th, 2014

内包+排除 at Art Gallery Ishi in Tokyo

June 27th, 2014

I show my work “Exinclusivity” at Art Gallery Ishi in Tokyo. I did Tokyo version of it and included it in the original Oakland version in a multi-video projection format.


6/14-7/5 (wed-sat, 1pm-4pm, reservation required for other times)

Art Gallery 石
104−0061東京都中央区銀座1-9-8  奥野ビル206号
Tel: 03-3561-6565 ・ 080-5506-6565

At Museum of Craft and Design

April 6th, 2014

“Elevated Corrugated” a group exhibition at Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco just opened today! Reception will be on Thursday April 17. I have two pieces, a variation of “…till that morning” which has Enola Gay and hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses, and my new piece “A Right Chord” which is a cardboard harpsichord on a bike trailer. After this exhibition, I will bike this out to play the harpsichord outside and collect songs from people!! “Elevated Corrugated” opens on April 5 through June 22.

Obscenity Again

September 16th, 2013

at Sylvia White Gallery

On Square Cylinder by David Roth

June 20th, 2013

Square Cylinder

Obscenity by Taro Hattori

Obscenity by Taro Hattori

David M. Roth mentioned my installation at artMRKT along with Doug Hall’s and other works at the art fair. “…But at Fort Mason, once the West Coast outpost of U.S. troop deployment, the piece’s anti-war message resonated even more strongly than it did several years ago at Swarm.” Well, I had never shown this piece at Swarm though : )

Obscenity at artMRKT San Francisco

May 17th, 2013

“Obscenity” has been shown at artMRKT at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco. It’s through Swarm Gallery and as one of their “Project Installations.”

KQED: 10 Outstanding Bay Area Art Experiences By Christian L. Frock

December 27th, 2012

Christian L. Frock selected Art & Soul at Oakland City Hall in which I had my installation as one of “10 Outstanding Bay Area Art Experiences!!” >>Link

Apophasis – solo exhibition at Swarm Gallery

December 3rd, 2012

My solo exhibition “Apophasis” has opened at Swarm Gallery. Great artist James Sansing is showing a beautiful piece in the project space concurrently.

December 1, 2012 – January 20, 2013
Gallery | APOPHASIS | Taro Hattori
Project | REMEDIATION | James Sansing

Reception Saturday, December 1, 2012 6 – 8PM
With musical performance by Karen Kanan Correa


Swarm Gallery
560 Second Street
Oakland, CA 94607

T/F: 510-839-2787 (ARTS)

Wednesday – Sunday 12PM – 5:30PM
First Fridays 6 – 9PM

Stairway to Heaven

August 26th, 2012

This is a project I did at Millay Colony, working with Edna St. Vincent Millay Society which would organize tours of her land. I created miniature stairways which go down to Edna’s nude party swimming pool. Karen Kanan Corrêa played music with me. Well, I still don’t know how I am going to present this work, so I cannot tell anything more than that here.

A write-up by Christian L. Frock

August 17th, 2012

Christian L. Frock wrote on KQED about “Art & Soul” at Oakland City Hall and my work there!


Can Serrat, Barcelona to Millay Colony, New York

August 2nd, 2012

Now I am at Philadelphia airport transferring flights from Barcelona to Albany. I came back from Can Serrat an artist in residence program in Barcelona and now starting Millay Colony in NY.

Can Serrat was a wonderful place, probably the best place for the quality of meals among all the residency programs I had experienced. One month was not enough at all to pursue my ambitious project and to enjoy innumerable exciting places in Barcelona. I am pretty sure that I will come back to Barcelona to continue my project and explore more of Catalonian culture.

Here is a little description of what I was working on at Can Serrat.

I wanted to do an activity which represents how I encounter the people in El Bruc. One of my favorite musician Pau Casals was from Catalonia and he always ended his concert with this song “El Cant dels Ocells (the song of the bird)” which seems to be a symbol of their identity surviving through the history of struggle. Encountering a foreigner is like mirroring one’s self. Through meeting someone from outside, we become conscious of who we are. So, I asked people in El Bruc to listen to Pau Casals’s “El Cant dels Ocells” and experience it and, if they like, to sing with it. The title of the project “Peace! Peace! Peace!” is from Pau Casals’s speech at an UN conference, describing how the birds in Catalonia sing in the air. I also learned the song my self. So I went to some spaces in El Bruc with the guitar, and whistle the melody, and sometimes asked people to teach me difficult pronunciations of Catalan lyrics of the song.

<—a day has passed—>

Here I have arrived at Millay Colony after spending a night at a motel close to the airport which made me a bit sad because it was not in Barcelona anymore not only geographically but also conceptually or culturally. At the airport/airplanes, and there at a model, I got totally deprived of good food, good time, beautiful people, etc. Well, thought, here I am. My residency at Millay Colony has started. I have, at this point, very strange feeling of not being catch up with the change. Here are some pics.

Oakland City Hall Final Iteration

June 30th, 2012

Somehow the combination of perfectly mathematical architecture and perfectly assembled sculpture became unbearable. So, I destroyed the piece (re-installed as destroyed/disassembled). This process taught me so much. I became more aware of these things: 1. what the character of architecture of the site represents, 2, psychological and temporal feelings the photograph of my sculpture creates and 3, what physical presence of sculpture can do (physical and conceptual representations) and 4, how I can relate myself to those through my actions…

I normally don’t do this kind of “play.”

Area 51 (photograph presented as a part of installation)

Nuclear Power Plant

Oakland City Hall

June 28th, 2012

This installation is for “Art & Soul” (August 4-5, 2012) but it is on view in the City Hall building now through the end of August. Please see the office hours of City Hall and it’s totally open to the public. More people in Oakland should know how beautiful the building is.

Well… Hope this one works out…

November 28th, 2011

Went to Rancho Seco Park for shooting… just a making photo at this point : )

Vermont Studio Center

July 5th, 2011

After 15 days of road trip from CA to VT, I finally started my residency at Vermont Studio Center. There must be close to 70 artists here, and some of them seem to be still MFA students, and many of us, including I, have teaching jobs. I am having interesting conversations everyday, every occasion.

“Birds” on Miami New Times

June 12th, 2011

Article about my solo exhibition “Where Do Birds Go Off to Die” at Black Square Gallery on Miami New Times by Carlos Suarez De Jesus.

Taro Hattori, Where Do Birds Go Off to Die

Solo at Black Square Gallery in Miami

May 24th, 2011

“Where Do Birds Go Off to Die” my solo exhibition at Black Square Gallery in Miami just opened. The title is the same as my previous exhibition at SF Arts Commission Gallery. This time, I expressed a poetically expanded vision of the same theme; how we, or our survival systems destroy ourselves.

May 21st – July 5th
Black Square Gallery
2248 NW 1st Place, Miami, FL 33127
Telephone: 305-424-5002

Black Square Gallery

Black Birds

Black Birds

Desire to Fall

Desire to Fall

Desire to Fall

Desire to Fall

watch video trailer of Exinclusivity

West Collection

April 22nd, 2011

Yesterday Thursday April 21st 2011, an exhibition of West Prize 2011 opened on the outskirts of Philadelphia. This location is a part of SEI, an investment company. In her speech, Paige West announced West Collection’s plan to obtain their own gallery/museum space for their collection in Philadelphia, and then she gave the final prize. I did not get it. Well, it’s one of those things that you sometimes get and sometimes don’t. But it made my day a bit sadder. But I don’t have time to be disappointed.

Interviewed by Kristin Farr form KQED

March 29th, 2011

Kristin Farr and Emmanuel Hapsis from KQED visited my studio and interviewed me. We had a fun conversation.

Taro Hattori, KQED, Kristin Farr Emmanuel Hapsis

>> go to the article

Exinclusivity at Pro Arts (Oakland Art Gallery)

March 9th, 2011

I picked them up on the street to work for me.

I am showing my new performance/video installation at ProArts located at Oakland Art Gallery. I titled this new work “Exinclusivity.” I hope you can come to see my new exploration. Through my previous sculptural installation practices, I had been thinking about how desire and power make us self-destructive often from the historical or political point of view. This time, I wanted to deal with the sa in a more direct way through exploitative labor conditions.

2 x 2 Solos: Taro Hattori

March 8 – April 8, 2011
Artists Reception: March 10, 6 – 8 PM

Pro Arts 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612 (at Oakland Art Gallery) 510-763-4361

“Exinclusivity” at Pro Arts (Oakland Art Gallery) from Taro Hattori on Vimeo.

I specially thank to these great people and institutions:

Steve Blumenkrantz, Michael Damm, Jessica Diaz, Mariana Garibay, Ellen Lake, Thomas Lopes, Gary Nakamoto, California College of the Arts, Stanford University, National Endowment for the Arts, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Swarm Gallery (CA), Black Square Gallery (FL), Peter Miller Gallery (IL), many others who continue helping my practice.