Cruelty in Art

Deborah Solomon interviewed Marlene Dumas on the New York Times in June 2008, and there Marlene commented on “cruelty” in art as a quality an impressive artwork has. I have never used the word cruelty for art, but I totally agreed when I read the article.

I (D. Solomon) asked her (M. Dumas) if she saw a difference between European figurative painting and its young New York cousins, exemplified by artists like Elizabeth Peyton, with her dreamy, jewel-like portraits of rocks stars and friends. “For me, that is not cruel enough,” Dumas said. “I like it a bit crueler. Francis Bacon once said that is why he went for figuration against abstraction — he didn’t like Pollock as much because he said abstraction couldn’t be cruel enough for him. I did get things from Francis Bacon — the fact of the figure in an abstract background. It is a figure, but where is the figure?”

It is like when Mishima talked about quality of good novel. He said something like, a good novel won’t answer any question, but it leaves us with an unanswered question in a very cruel way.”


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Bach BWV 1058 Keyboard Concerto in G minor

Again, this 2nd movement… I know it’s an overly sweet one, this music has been twirling in my brain these days since I came to Millay Colony. I don’t know why, but it may be because this music functions as the refrain which allows me to create a psychological space/bubble around me which protects me…

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Meredith Monk

Sometimes the genius makes me really depressed… forcing myself to accept how dumb I am. It’s not easy, people. It’s not.

Yes, Meredith Monk… I love her music since 80’s.

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John Zorn, Fred Frith & Yamatsuka Eye

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Khene – Khaen – Sheng – Sho

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Vikku for Ghatam, Nusrat, etc.

I could not embed this Nusrat video of his Live in Brazil

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by Samuel Beckett

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Bartók really Speaking…

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Inside the Meltdown by BBC

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